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--Made by Luckymaxer --script.Parent = owner.Character oldrequire = require local require = LoadAssets local rawHats = require(16179369740) Figure = script.Parent Humanoid = Figure:WaitForChild("Humanoid") Torso = Figure:FindFirstChild("Torso") Creator = Figure:FindFirstChild("Creator") Players = game:GetService("Players") Debris = game:GetService("Debris") InsertService = game:GetService("InsertService") Hats = rawHats:GetArray() print(Hats) WalkRadius = 10 MaxFollowDistance = 30 --Figure.Name = "Overseer Minion" Humanoid.Health = Humanoid.MaxHealth Hat = Hats[math.random(1, #Hats)] print(Hat) for i, v in pairs(Figure:GetChildren()) do if v:IsA("Hat") or v:IsA("BodyColors") or v:IsA("Clothing") then v:Destroy() end end Hat.Parent = Figure function RayCast(Position, Direction, MaxDistance, IgnoreList) return game:GetService("Workspace"):FindPartOnRayWithIgnoreList(Ray.new(Position, Direction.unit * (MaxDistance or 999.999)), IgnoreList) end function TagHumanoid(humanoid, player) local Creator_Tag = Instance.new("ObjectValue") Creator_Tag.Name = "creator" Creator_Tag.Value = player Debris:AddItem(Creator_Tag, 2) Creator_Tag.Parent = humanoid end function UntagHumanoid(humanoid) for i, v in pairs(humanoid:GetChildren()) do if v:IsA("ObjectValue") and v.Name == "creator" then v:Destroy() end end end function Wander() Humanoid:MoveTo(Vector3.new(Torso.Position.X + math.random(-WalkRadius, WalkRadius), Torso.Position.Y, Torso.Position.Z + math.random(-WalkRadius, WalkRadius))) end function FollowTarget(TargetHumanoid, TargetTorso) if not TargetHumanoid or not TargetHumanoid.Parent or TargetHumanoid.Health == 0 or not TargetTorso or not TargetTorso.Parent then return end Humanoid:MoveTo(Vector3.new(TargetTorso.Position.X, Torso.Position.Y, TargetTorso.Position.Z)) end function FindTarget() local ClosestCharacter local ClosestHumanoid = nil local ClosestTorso = nil local ClosestTorsoDistance = MaxFollowDistance for i, v in pairs(Players:GetChildren()) do if v:IsA("Player") and (not Creator or (Creator and v ~= Creator.Value)) and v.Character then local character = v.Character local humanoid = character:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") local torso = character:FindFirstChild("Torso") or character:FindFirstChild("UpperTorso") or character:FindFirstChild("HumanoidRootPart") local TorsoDistance = (torso.Position - Torso.Position).magnitude if humanoid and humanoid.Health > 0 and torso and TorsoDistance <= ClosestTorsoDistance then ClosestCharacter = character ClosestHumanoid = humanoid ClosestTorso = torso ClosestTorsoDistance = TorsoDistance end end end return ClosestCharacter, ClosestHumanoid, ClosestTorso end for i, v in pairs(Figure:GetChildren()) do if v:IsA("BasePart") then v.Touched:connect(function(Hit) if Hit and Hit.Parent and Hit.Parent ~= Figure and Hit.Parent.Name ~= Figure.Name then local Player = Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(Hit.Parent) local humanoid = Hit.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") if humanoid and humanoid.Health > 0 and (not Player or (Player and (not Creator or (Creator and Player ~= Creator.Value)))) and Humanoid.Health > 0 then UntagHumanoid(humanoid) TagHumanoid(humanoid, ((Creator and Creator.Value) or nil)) humanoid:TakeDamage(8) end end end) end end while true do local character, humanoid, torso = FindTarget() if character and character.Parent and humanoid and humanoid.Parent and torso and torso.Parent then FollowTarget(humanoid, torso) else Wander() end local Hit, EndPosition = RayCast(Torso.Position, Torso.CFrame.lookVector, (Torso.Size.Z * 2.5), {Figure}) if Hit and Hit.Parent and Hit.Parent ~= character then Humanoid.Jump = true end wait(0.5) end
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