How to Remove \n and \t in JavaScript String

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var string = "\n\t\t\tselect, dppa.user_spv_id, dpa.agent_in_house_id\n\t\t\tfrom property_products pp\n\t\t\tjoin smart_contract sc on = sc.property_products_id\n\t\t\tjoin prospects p on p.smart_contract_id =\n\t\t\tjoin (\n\t\t\t\tselect log_prospect_history.prospect_id, log_prospect_history.history_id\n\t\t\t\tfrom (select max(id) as log_id from log_prospect_history group by prospect_id) lph_max\n\t\t\t\tjoin log_prospect_history on lph_max.log_id =\n\t\t\t) as lph on lph.prospect_id =\n\t\t\tjoin users u on pp.createdby =\n\t\t\tjoin user_associate_developer_details uadd on uadd.user_id =\n\t\t\tleft join developer_prospect_assigned dpa on dpa.prospect_id =\n\t\t\tleft join developer_property_product_assigned dppa on dppa.property_product_id =\n\t\t\n\t\t\twhere uadd.developers_id = 2201\n\t\t and pp.createdby = 17399 and sc.createdat between '2023-01-01 00:00:00 00:00:00' and '2023-01-30 23:59:59 23:59:59' group by ORDER BY desc limit 10 offset 0"; console.log(string); string = string.replace(/(\r\n|\n|\r|\t)/gm,""); console.log(string);
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