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use NativeCall; # /usr/lib64/liblpsolve55.so # lp_solve types in lp_types.h # REAL double -> raku: num64 class LPrec is repr('CPointer'){ # has int32 $.alignmentspacer is rw; # has Str $.lp_name is rw; # has int32 $.rows; # has int32 $.columns; # ... lot's of other items to add (see lp_lib.h) # lprec *make_lp(int rows, int columns); sub make_lp(int32,int32) returns LPrec is native('lpsolve55') {*} # unsigned char set_add_rowmode(lprec *lp, unsigned char turnon); sub set_add_rowmode( LPrec, bool) is native('lpsolve55') {*} # unsigned char add_constraintex(lprec *lp, int count, REAL *row, int *colno, int constr_type, REAL rh); sub add_constraintex( LPrec, int32, num64 is rw, int32 is rw, int32, num64) is native('lpsolve55') {*} # unsigned char set_lp_name(lprec *lp, char *lpname); sub set_lp_name( LPrec, Str) returns bool is native('lpsolve55') {*} # char *get_lp_name(lprec *lp); sub get_lp_name( LPrec ) returns Str is native('lpsolve55') {*} method new (int32 $rows, int32 $columns) { my $lp = make_lp( $rows, $columns ); set_add_rowmode( $lp, True); set_lp_name( $lp, "LP model"); return $lp; } method addConstraintex ( Int $count, Int $row, Int $colno, Int $constr_type, Int $rh) { my int32 $v_count = $count; # say $v_count.WHICH; my num64 $v_row = $row.Num; my $pv_row = nativecast(Pointer[num64],$v_row); my int32 $v_colno = $colno; my int32 $v_constr_type = $constr_type; my num64 $v_rh = $rh.Num; # say $rhp.WHICH; say "Done"; add_constraintex (self, $v_count, $pv_row, $v_colno, $v_constr_type, $v_rh ); # add_constraintex (self, $v_count, Pointer[num64].new($v_row), Pointer[int32].new($v_colno), $v_constr_type, $v_rh ); } method getLPName () { get_lp_name(self) } } my $lp = LPrec.new(0,2); say $lp.getLPName(); $lp.addConstraintex(1,1,1,1,1);
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