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local walmart = {search_query='walmart',title='Walmart',description='Walmart is a grocer which has groceries.'} local WALMART = 'search_query=walmart*title=Walmart*description=Walmart is a grocer with groceries.' local burgerKing = 'search_query=burger king*title=Burger King*description=Burger King is a fast food resteraunt with burger.' local dataBase = {'search_query=number15*title=Foot Lettuce*description=The last thing you want on a burger king burger is lettuce with foot fungus.'} table.insert(dataBase, WALMART) table.insert(dataBase, burgerKing) function string.split(inputstr, sep) if sep == nil then sep = "%s" end local t={} for str in string.gmatch(inputstr, "([^"..sep.."]+)") do table.insert(t, str) end return t end function getResults(query) for a,b in pairs(dataBase) do local split = string.split(b, '*') if string.lower(query) == string.sub(split[1],#'search_query='+1) then local title = string.sub(split[2], #'title='+1) local description = string.sub(split[3], #'description='+1) print('Title: '..title) print('Description: '..description) end end end getResults('walmart') getResults('number15')
function hi(base1, base2, height) local one = base1+base2 local two = one * height local three = two/2 return three end print(hi(13, 8, 5))
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