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Moonlight Build Team#8440: Nerdphobia#0388: Hello <@281316511497322496>, what would you like to apply for? chaz2601#1702: Applying for terraformer. Age: 19 Gender: Male Timezone: GMT+1 (Europe/Amsterdam timezone) Country of Residence: Netherlands What drives you when it comes to content creation?: Creativity and challenge Link to Portfolio: https://imgur.com/a/7m230BU - https://imgur.com/a/p8sSKwq Link to Social Media: - Ali7913#9626: Interesting chaz2601#1702: I do normal building and organics as well, as you can see in the albums above. I mainly do that for fun and challenge, terraforming is what i spend most of my time on. Nerdphobia#0388: These are some very cool builds. I like the detail and your terraforming is very nice. Congrats, you have been accepted! You will find all of your commissions in <#671882145685438486>. chaz2601#1702: Alright, thank you! Nerdphobia#0388: -close Moonlight Build Team#8440: Closing ticket in 5 seconds.
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