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Moonlight Build Team#8440: dram#3909: Hello! I am Dram and I am 15 years old. I am male and my time zone is BST: living in the UK. I am interested in the sales representative position that you are offering and would love to help out. However I also do have a portfolio, both for renders and for builds. https://dramop1.wixsite.com/portfolio dram#3909: When it comes to content creation, what drives me is the aspiration of improvement and the admiration of others who I want to become like. I analyse what they do, and add my own aspects in to increase my skills. dram#3909: I believe that you should pick me over others as I am quite reliable, responsible and will be active as the holder of the job. ali7913#9626: Alright <@!230753927417561088> ali7913#9626: to get your rank officially as sales rep u need to agreed on percentages we will give you on each client ali7913#9626: and 1 task ali7913#9626: - agreed on 12% percentage for each client he pays us ali7913#9626: - Get 1 successful client that u get paid for ali7913#9626: if u acknowledge those 2 conditions let me know and go find your 1st client and have him open ticket for us and we handle the rest and i keep letting u know about news ali7913#9626: <@!230753927417561088> dram#3909: Apologies for the late reply, to confirm, I need to find a client that is willing to buy a build from this team? ali7913#9626: yes dram#3909: Okay, no problem, I also agree with those rates ali7913#9626: sounds good dram#3909: are there any builds that the team has done that I can include when I advertise? dram#3909: Welcome to Moonlight Build Team! One of the cheapest teams out there, we will supply you with any type of builds you need. Our prices starting from 5$, you are assured with great quality with the builds. If you are interested, please DM me for more information. Moonlight Build Team#8440: ali7913#9626: <@!230753927417561088> Yeah ali7913#9626: check our builders portfolio at <#663957133330481153> dram#3909: I have decided to change my mind, and I will not go forward with this job anymore dram#3909: Sorry for any inconvenience, you are free to close this ticket. ali7913#9626: <@!230753927417561088> Okay np have a good day dram#3909: you too 🙂 ali7913#9626: -close Moonlight Build Team#8440: Closing ticket in 5 seconds.
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