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package main import "fmt" func main() { var s string // empty string "" s1 := "string\nliteral\nwith\tescape characters" s2 := `raw string literal which doesn't recognize escape characters like \n ` // you can add strings with + fmt.Printf("sum of string: %s\n", s+s1+s2) // you can compare strings with == if s1 == s2 { fmt.Printf("s1 is equal to s2\n") } else { fmt.Printf("s1 is not equal to s2\n") } fmt.Printf("substring of s1: %s\n", s1[3:5]) fmt.Printf("byte (character) at position 3 in s1: %d\n", s1[3]) // C-style string formatting s = fmt.Sprintf("%d + %f = %s", 1, float64(3), "4") fmt.Printf("s: %s\n", s) }
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