a very slow compass rose with intricate patterns but a the middle-end it isn't the compass rose although it still has intricate patterns but less so

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reset cleartext make "r1 106 make "r2 455 make "r3 50 make "h1 10 make "h2 8 make "h3 0 make "h1inc 31 make "h2inc 0 make "h3inc 40 make "count 0 repeat 4000[ penwidth 0.009 setheading :h1 fw :r1 setheading :h2 fw :r2 setheading :h3 fw :r3 make "h1 :h1+ :h1inc make "h2 :h2+ :h2inc make "h3 :h3+ :h3inc make "count :count +1 print :count home ]
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