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package main import ( "fmt" "strconv" ) func smartConvertToInt(iv interface{}) (int, error) { // inside case statements, v is of type matching case type switch v := iv.(type) { case int: return v, nil case string: return strconv.Atoi(v) case float64: return int(v), nil default: return 0, fmt.Errorf("unsupported type: %T", iv) } } func printSmartConvertToInt(iv interface{}) { i, err := smartConvertToInt(iv) if err != nil { fmt.Printf("Failed to convert %#v to int\n", iv) return } fmt.Printf("%#v of type %T converted to %d\n", iv, iv, i) } func main() { printSmartConvertToInt("5") printSmartConvertToInt(4) printSmartConvertToInt(int32(8)) printSmartConvertToInt("not valid int") }
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