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package main import ( "fmt" "strconv" ) // Stringer is an interface with a single method type Stringer interface { String() string } // User struct that implements Stringer interface type User struct { Name string } func (u *User) String() string { return u.Name } // Any type can implement an interface. Here we create // an alias of int type an implement Stringer interface type MyInt int func (mi MyInt) String() string { return strconv.Itoa(int(mi)) } // printTypeAndString accepts an interface. 's' can be any value // that implements Stringer interface func printTypeAndString(s Stringer) { fmt.Printf("%T: %s\n", s, s) } func main() { u := &User{Name: "John"} printTypeAndString(u) n := MyInt(5) printTypeAndString(n) }
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