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IDENTIFICATION DIVISION. PROGRAM-ID. escape-xml. DATA DIVISION. WORKING-STORAGE SECTION. 01 ws-e-amp PIC X(5) VALUE '&amp;'. 01 ws-e-lt PIC X(4) VALUE '&lt;'. 01 ws-e-quot PIC X(6) VALUE '&quot;'. 01 ws-in PIC X(100) VALUE 'This <is> a &"string"!'. 01 ws-out PIC X(600). 01 ws-n PIC 9(3) BINARY. 01 ws-in-i PIC 9(3) BINARY. 01 ws-out-i PIC 9(3) BINARY. PROCEDURE DIVISION. PERFORM VARYING ws-in-i FROM 1 BY 1 UNTIL ws-in-i > LENGTH OF ws-in EVALUATE ws-in(ws-in-i:1) WHEN '&' MOVE LENGTH OF ws-e-amp TO ws-n MOVE ws-e-amp TO ws-out(ws-out-i:ws-n) WHEN '<' MOVE LENGTH OF ws-e-lt TO ws-n MOVE ws-e-lt TO ws-out(ws-out-i:ws-n) WHEN '"' MOVE LENGTH OF ws-e-quot TO ws-n MOVE ws-e-quot TO ws-out(ws-out-i:ws-n) WHEN OTHER MOVE 1 TO ws-n MOVE ws-in(ws-in-i:1) TO ws-out(ws-out-i:1) END-EVALUATE ADD ws-n TO ws-out-i END-PERFORM DISPLAY ws-in DISPLAY ws-out STOP RUN .
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