Quantification over Session Types

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staload "sessions.sats" stadef proto = pquan2(0, lam (s:stype):stype => pmsg(1, chan(1,s)) :: s) stadef subproto = pmsg(0, string) :: pend(0) extern fun server (!chan(0,proto) >> chan(0,s)): #[s:stype] chan(1,s) extern fun client (chan(1,proto)): void implement server (ch) = let prval _ = exify2 ch val ch2 = recv ch in ch2 end implement client (ch1) = let val ch2 = create {1,0} {subproto} (llam ch2 => (send (ch2, "hello"); close ch2)) prval _ = unify2 ch1 val _ = send {1,1} (ch1, ch2) val str = recv ch1 val _ = println! str in wait ch1 end extern fun test (): void implement test () = let val ch = create {1,0} {proto} (llam ch1 => let val ch2 = server ch1 in cut (ch1, ch2) end) in client (ch) end
//#define ATS_PACKNAME "libsession" #define ATS_EXTERN_PREFIX "libsession__" sortdef role = {a:int|a==0||a==1} datasort stype = | pmsg of (int, vt@ype) (* used with pseq for syntax brevity *) | pseq of (stype, stype) | pbrch of (int, stype, stype) | pend of (int) | pquan of (int, int -> stype) | pquan2 of (int, stype -> stype) | pfix of (stype -> stype) | pite of (bool, stype, stype) | pfix2 of ((int -> stype) -> (int -> stype), int) (* used for syntax brevity *) #define :: pseq (* channel *) absvtype chan (int, stype) = ptr fun create {r1,r2:role} {p:stype} {r1 != r2} (chan(r2,p) -<lincloptr1> void): chan(r1,p) = "mac#%" fun send {r,r0:role} {p:stype} {a:vt@ype} {r0 == r} (!chan(r, pmsg(r0,a)::p) >> chan(r,p), a): void = "mac#%" fun recv {r,r0:role} {p:stype} {a:vt@ype} {r0 != r} (!chan(r, pmsg(r0,a)::p) >> chan(r,p)): a = "mac#%" fun close {r,r0:role} {p:stype} {r0 == r} (chan(r, pend r0)): void = "mac#%" fun wait {r,r0:role} {p:stype} {r0 != r} (chan(r, pend r0)): void = "mac#%" datavtype choice (stype, p:stype, q:stype) = | Left (p, p, q) of () | Right (q, p, q) of () fun offer {r,r0:role} {p1,p2:stype} {r0 != r} (!chan(r, pbrch(r0,p1,p2)) >> chan(r,p)): #[p:stype] choice(p,p1,p2) = "mac#%" fun choose {r,r0:role} {p,p1,p2:stype} {r0 == r} (!chan(r, pbrch(r0,p1,p2)) >> chan(r,p), choice(p,p1,p2)): void = "mac#%" prfun ite_true {r:role} {pt,pf:stype} (!chan(r, pite(true,pt,pf)) >> chan(r,pt)): void prfun ite_false {r:role} {pt,pf:stype} (!chan(r, pite(false,pt,pf)) >> chan(r,pf)): void prfun exify {r,r0:role} {fp:int->stype} {r0 == r} (!chan(r, pquan(r0,fp)) >> [n:int] chan (r,fp(n))): void prfun unify {r,r0:role} {fp:int->stype} {r0 != r} (!chan(r, pquan(r0,fp)) >> {n:int} chan (r,fp(n))): void prfun exify2 {r,r0:role} {fp:stype->stype} {r0 == r} (!chan(r, pquan2(r0,fp)) >> [s:stype] chan (r,fp(s))): void prfun unify2 {r,r0:role} {fp:stype->stype} {r0 != r} (!chan(r, pquan2(r0,fp)) >> {s:stype} chan (r,fp(s))): void prfun recurse {r:role} {p:stype} {fp:stype->stype} (!chan (r, pfix(fp)) >> chan (r, fp(pfix(fp)))): void prfun recurse2 {r:role} {fp:(int->stype)->(int->stype)} {n:int} (!chan (r, pfix2(fp,n)) >> chan(r, fp(lam n=>pfix2(fp,n))(n))): void fun cut {r1,r2:role} {p:stype} {r1 != r2} (chan(r1,p), chan(r2,p)): void = "mac#%" //fun wait {r,r0:role} {p:stype} {r0 != r} (chan(r, pend r0)): void //stacst pfix3: (((int,int)->stype) -> ((int,int)->stype)) -> ((int,int) -> stype) //fun recurse3 {r:role} {fp:((int,int)->stype)->((int,int)->stype)} {m,n:int} (!chan(r, (pfix3 fp)(n,m)) >> chan(r, (fp(pfix3 fp))(n,m))): void //fun unify2 {r:role} {fp:int->stype} {guard:int->bool} (!chan (r, pquan2 (r, fp, guard)) >> {n:int|guard(n)} chan (r, fp(n))): void //fun exify2 {r:role} {fp:int->stype} {guard:int->bool} (!chan (r, pquan2 (1-r, fp, guard)) >> [n:int|guard(n)] chan (r, fp(n))): void
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