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(* protocol *) sortdef protocol = type (* binary role *) sortdef role = {n:int|n==0||n==1} (* atomics *) stacst msg: (int, vt@ype) -> protocol stacst nil: int -> protocol stacst seq: (protocol, protocol) -> protocol #define :: seq (* connectives *) stacst addi: (int, protocol, protocol) -> protocol // additives: oplus, amp stacst mult: (int, protocol, protocol) -> protocol // multiplicatives: tensor, parr (* type constructor *) absvtype chan (int, protocol) (* axiom *) fun create {r:role} {p:protocol} (chan(1-r,p) -<lincloptr1> void): chan(r,p) (* atomics *) fun send {r:role} {p:protocol} {v:vt@ype} (!chan(r,msg(r,v)::p) >> chan(r,p), v): void fun recv {r:role} {p:protocol} {v:vt@ype} (!chan(r,msg(1-r,v)::p) >> chan(r,p)): v fun wait {r:role} (chan(r,nil(1-r))): void fun close {r:role} (chan(r,nil r)): void (* additive connectives *) datavtype choice (protocol, p:protocol, q:protocol) = | Left (p,p,q) | Right (q,p,q) fun amp {r:role} {p,q:protocol} (!chan(r,addi(1-r,p,q)) >> chan(r,s)): #[s:protocol] choice (s,p,q) fun oplus {r:role} {p,q,s:protocol} (!chan(r,addi(r,p,q)) >> chan(r,s), choice (s,p,q)): void (* multiplicative connectives *) fun tensor {r:role} {p,q:protocol} (chan(r,mult(r,p,q)), chan(r,p) -<lincloptr1> void, chan(r,q) -<lincloptr1> void): void fun parr {r:role} {p,q:protocol} (chan(r,mult(1-r,p,q))): @(chan(r,p), chan(r,q)) (* cut *) fun cut {r:role} {p:protocol} (chan(r,p), chan(1-r,p)): void
staload "session.sats" staload UN = "prelude/SATS/unsafe.sats" (* these functions will be a mediator thread that also adds a tag/flag to distinguish the multiplexing of channel *) extern fun cutmult {r:role} {p,q:protocol} (chan(r,mult(r,p,q)), chan(1-r,p), chan(1-r,q)): void extern fun cutparr1 {r:role} {p,q:protocol} (chan(r,mult(1-r,p,q)), chan(1-r,p)): void extern fun cutparr2 {r:role} {p,q:protocol} (chan(r,mult(1-r,p,q)), chan(1-r,q)): void implement tensor {r} {p,q} (chan, fp, fq) = let val pclient = create {1-r} (fp) val qclient = create {1-r} (fq) in cutmult (chan, pclient, qclient) end implement parr {r} {p,q} (chan) = let val copy = $UN.castvwtp1{chan(r,mult(1-r,p,q))} chan val pclient = create {r} (llam pserver => cutparr1 {r}{p,q} (chan, pserver)) val qclient = create {r} (llam qserver => cutparr2 {r}{p,q} (copy, qserver)) in @(pclient, qclient) end
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